I Only Have Marmalade by M.G. Hughes

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I Only Have Marmalade- M.G Hughes

Echoing themes of healing, identity, race, feminism, and the environment I Only Have Marmalade is a poetry collection that seeks to answer the question: “What’s going on?” By reflecting on what it means to grow up both Black and the daughter of an immigrant, exploring complicated memories of her mental health journey, and assembling bittersweet paintings of the social and environmental climate she exists within, M. G. Hughes’ words offer a balm to anyone who has ever felt completely lost, unsure, or unwanted.

If you had the
choice, would you pick
today up from the ground?

If the hour was an apricot rotting from
the inside out, the flesh browning through and through, would you leave it to rot?

Or would you make marmalade?



Paperback book with grit lamination and white gloss foil.